Aug. 1 Tractor Pull results provided by the Pine County Fair:

3750 Improved Farm Stock

1 Marty Ranger

2 Kris Moos

3 Joel Embertson

5000 Improved Farm Stock

1 Tanner Nettestad

2 Travis Leibel

3 Adam Gerner

6500 Antique

1 Randy Jennissen

2 Arnie Wernke

3 Karter Pechuman

9000 Open

1 George Weidendorf

2 Jeremy Carlbom

3 Matt Bielke

7000 Improved Farm Stock

1 Jon Greene

2 Peter Branstad

3 Jonathon DeRocker


1 Jeremy Carlbom

9000 Improved Farm Stock

1 Andy Garding

2 Scott DeRocker

3 Jake Jones

9000 Classic

1 Randy Jennissen

2 Jeff Leibel

3 Leibel Farms

10000 Farm Stock

1 Jake Jones

2 Russel Kekuk

3 Drew Dumke

11000 Farm Stock

1 Tanner Nettestad

2 Matt Bielke

12000 Farm Stock

1 Ross Elwood

2 Seth Olson

3 Tim Mans


1 John Swanson

2 Josh Chase

3 Russel Kekuk

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